Cellucor C4
A third generation pre-workout formula from Cellucor, the Cellucor C4 Extreme is designed to power your workouts. The product has created a place for itself in a highly competitive pre-workout supplement market. It is one of the most trusted and reliable products in the category used by body builders and athletes to get the maximum output from their training sessions. 

This product is extremely concentrated and contains a select few ingredients that can increase your energy and drive during a strenuous workout session.

In Cellucor C4 Extreme, a nitrate compound has been fused with creatine to create Creatine Nitrate, which is substantially more water more soluble than other creatine derivatives. This makes for better absorption of the product, with none of the side effects that are usually with creatine supplementation. The other ingredients in the product include caffeine, beta alanine, arginine, and B vitamins. The energy a person gets after using the product is clean and not too overpowering. There are no side effects such as an increase in heart palpitations or crashes.

Another interesting ingredient in this pre-workout product is bitter orange, which is known to be an effective thermogenic and also a stimulant. This ingredient acts with caffeine to provide more energy to a user during the workout.

Power of Cellucor C4
Beta alanine in the product is a fatigue arrester and can promote muscular endurance. It increases the energy level and also the stamina level to give users an improved workout performance.

Cellucor C4 Extreme is available in a cool and trendy package, with carbon fiber highlights. Using two scoops of the product is usually enough. The product also conforms to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), and users can take the product with absolute certainty and faith.  

The product is available in different flavors, such as strawberry margarita, fruit punch, watermelon, green apple, and orange. The flavors are all good, although the lingering sweet aftertaste can bother some users.
The powder is easy to mix, and you can do so using a cup and a spoon. Athletes can mix around 1 - 2 scoops of the powder with water or juice and take the same about 30 - 15 minutes before the workout. People who are new to the product can start with one scoop and work their way up to two.

Follow the directions and you can use the product if you are healthy. With minimal carbs, fats, and calories, the product can be used with different dietary specifications as well.



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